Cam for my new 01 YZ426

Ok, so we all know about the start issues and I have searched on here and found a lot of great info on hot cams and the 450. I have a coupon for joining that I want to use on here...give me a part number for the cam I need. Also, do I need both intake and exhaust?



Welcome... I too am pretty new here. I just did the cam swap on my bike. I used the HotCams part# 4035-1e. That has the auto decompression and is the best thing I have done to the bike. You will not regret it at all.. Don't get me wrong. I could start my bike flawlessly and had the technique down. It is just when you are tired from riding in the woods and it stalls, it is a pain kicking to TDC, pulling the lever, pushing a bit then kicking the crap out of it..

It is just so much easier with the cam. DO IT!!! You won't regret it..

I recently had my cam swapped out. It's like having a new bike. LIke obxnc said, the 426 is easy to start once you learn where the "sweet spot" is. However, the bike is now much easy and convenient to start. Especially if dump it or stall it half way up a hill like I do on a regular basis. I mean one weak kick and your off. Bump starts easier too. I've busted two compression levers from crashing. If you're deep into a ride, you can really be screwed.

I used a "Hot Cams YZ450 Stage 1 EX (Part #09250035). 4022-1E is written on the box underneath the bar code. The part was about $190 (so my mechanic told me) and he charged me $100 bucks to put it in.

It was well worth the money. Good luck..........Jas

Kinda stupid but is this cam the one that people are using, has anyone had any reliability issues? Just bought my bike and I havent had much trouble kicking it, I'm getting the technique down, even though its my first bike and only my second day. I dont want to invest in this and end up hurting m motor some how. Thanks in advance.

What fuel can you run with the cam upgrade will 93 pump gas work without ping? :thumbsup:

Read the cam swap thread above. Since the very first cam swap in 2001, I think, there has been no reported failures on the thread. I switched mine out last month and it was the best thing I ever did. The stock part number for a 2003 450 exhaust cam is 5TA-12180-00-00. I used this cam and its awesome and evened out the power on the bike and is much more manageable now.

Is it cheaper price wise to go with the Stock 450 cam or a Hotcams one? Is there advantage or disadvantage to either one of them? :thumbsup:

Just go with the stock '03 450 cam, Beasleys. It's almost exactly the same thing and substancially cheaper. You won't be sorry. Just ordered mine. By the way, that exhaust is working out great :thumbsup: . I just got back from riding singletrack with a 98Db limit. I just swap out for my old exhaust when I go to the track. Thanks again. Return to original

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