What Base Suspension Settings You Guys Using


I run the compression clickers in my forks all the way out and run 4 inches of sag in the rear(I'm 150pounds). I dont have the money or time for new springs at the moment but they are on the way. But you should be pretty good because I think these bikes are set up stock for 170-180 pound riders.

You sandbagger Jeff. Tell them like it is. Your a Senior A. Just kidding. I had to chime in and say congrats on the bike! Kelly.

4-13-06 Members, just a reminder that this Saturday 4/15/06 WNY Pro Action will be doing a free suspension seminar at the track. All members are invited. Scheduled start time is 10:00 am, but Don has asked that everyone is there and ready to go by 10:00. Hope to see you there.

~Dan R.- PR director

Wake up and GO!! Wish I could...open to close today :thumbsup:

lol Kelly Im not 165 either but I like a really plush ride and I will be 165 at mid season hopefully lol

bump up

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