Race mileage for WR 450

Hello all,

I am sure that this question has gone around and round, but I will ask it again.

I am trying to figure out what the average race mileage is for a WR 450.

Thanks and looking forward to the results.


What year? The 05 is notorious for bad mileage when hard on the gas 38 miles main, 43 reserve max. Jetting can improve it some but the 03 and 04 models can do about 55 miles on the main and close to 65 on reserve. The 05 came with a smaller tank which did not help the range. A larger gas tank works for me.

it isnt "bad on fuel" for say. just some of the bikes come with a small tank. 2005+

I get close to 40 mpg on my 03, but that's not at a race pace. I'd guess I would get between 20 and 30 mpg, which translates to between 50 and 80 miles per tank.

You should be able to go 50 miles, and will just barely be off reserve.

I have a 48 jet on my 05wr450, stock tank and had to hit the reserve between

36 & 39 miles at my last Hare & Hound race in Lucerne valley Ca.

my 05 gets 22-25 mpg with stock leak jet when i tried the 40 i got around 16 mpg and it ran better for me with the stock one

I have a 2006 with the stock jetting and i am getting about 28 mpg

My 2006 goes on reserve after about 46 miles, and is bone dry at 61 miles. That is not racing, just play riding with a lot of hard acceleration. So we are talking about 28 or 29 MPG.

I saw an Acerbis 6 gal tank in the Spring 2006 MotosportOutlet.com catalog. That would give you about 110 miles hauling ass at a race pace.

I also saw that Baja Designs has an auxillary "side panel tank" that basically replaces your left side panel and holds about 1 gal of fuel.

I get well over 30 miles on the track without using the reserve. About 40- 45 on trails. I ride it aggressively on the trails, hill climbs.

Thanks, you guys are great. I am trying to guage mileage for the Dakar, so I am going to set it at around 20-25 mpg to play on the safe side.

More on the Dakar effort later.


OK in a D-37 race I get 40to 45 miles out of 3/4 of my IMS tank down in D-38 I got 50 out of just under half I think it is a 3.4 gallon tank

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