Carb divider

Anyone tried carb dividers to sharpen the throttle response? I had a good experience on my 2 stroke with it (RB designs brazed in divider) but don't know how it would be with a big thumper. Love to hear opinions, experiences are even better.

I'm running a "power now" type of insert between the carb and the cylinderon my '03 YZ450, is it the same thing? Mine has two plates that divide the intake into 3 horizontal sections. I think the bike starts better and the bottom end is stronger, so there seems to be no midrange hit anymore. Top end? No difference, it still scares me. :thumbsup:

Yes a carb divider such as the power now work great on these bikes go to and look at the articles about the jamesnow it is a homemade powernow that works killer and is easy to make. Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

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