900$4'01'yz450fw/motor noise

It seems like a great price. The noise kinda sounds like cam chain slapping,can you adjust the cam chain tension. The noise does not seem to change much w/rpm. Motor still has good power,a little hard to start,but that seems to be the nature of the beast. Anyone have any ideas what the noise could be? Is it really a good price? The bike would be for a friend,hate to steer him wrong.

Well since there are no 01 yz 450's made, I would think that it would not be a good price. If its an 01 yz 426 and that is all that is wrong with it, then yes, its a great price.

WOW if I read that correctly(which is REALLY hard) it sounds like a 01 426 bored to 450 with a piston slap for $900 which is a crazy good deal. You could probably part it out on ebay for at least 2500

Not a bad price. I would buy it whatever the issue, but I wouldn't be firing it up to hear what the noise might be. You'll probably end up causing more damage or even seizing the piston. The valves might need to be adjusted, you might need to re lap, and seat the valves, or even new tensioners. And no the tensioners for the cam chains can not be adjusted. Well if you got good mechanical skills then you might want to seriously consider it.

Thank you tters, we bought the bike. It was a 426 and is in great cond. except for the motor noise and we tear in to the motor this week. Thanks again for your input,14.

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