Fork Seals, Race Tech

Can't ride because of a tweaked knee from last week so might as well get some info if possible. My new less then 500mi 05 fork seals (both the same amount) are starting to weep a little. I will try the film negative, but if that does not work I will just replace them. I will get the tools myself, and have a few friends in the know show me. The first question is what are your thoughts on putting in Race Tech bushings, gold valves, seals, etc.. I am not a racer, but I do like to ride pretty hard and fast, Dbls, etc.. The farthest I jump is 35-45' MX jumps, and some flat landing stuff from around 5-8' elevation. I have not bottomed the suspension yet, but I have not really pushed it too hard either. Any comments suggestions on this pending (it will have to happen I'm sure) work would be appreciated.

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