First Ride!

Picked up my WR450 on it out in the dirt for a few hours today. Yes, it is choked as all get out BUT, oh man does it handle soooo much better than my old YZ426!! I was riding stuff today that I wouldn't even think about on the YZ! It flicks all over and just felt very comfortable in the woods. Tight stuff, deep loamy stuff, water crossings, logs, hills, more hills, and hills with roots and logs!! Ate it all up and begged for more.

I love this thing already. My AIS kit etc. is coming next week along with a new pipe and the all important skids & guards (I did tweak one of the radiator scoops on a tree...oops). I can hardly wait to uncork this thing and have the power to go along with the way it rides. I was not expecting it to handle the woods like it did today...very impressed and even more excited than I was!

Shoot...I was just playing around too. Didn't want to get on it too hard while I'm breaking in the engine. Whats it going to be like when I can get after it!?!? :thumbsup:

sounds like fun!!!

just wait till you get it unplugged in the intake exhaust and jetting.

yeeee haaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

awesome, i too have a wr450f and did all the good stuff to it and it screams.

I'm absolutely impressed with mine. Last bike was a BRP and there's a world of difference between the two. Trail, mountains, technical riding, whatever. Reliable as a hammer, easy to start (especially with the magic button).

Superb machine.


You may want to be a little harder during breakin than you think. I couldn't locate the posting but there are many that recommend running it harder during the break-in.

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