Hour Meter mounting location

I have an hour meter/tach and have had it mounted on the side of the steering stem area just below the oil fill. I have had it mounted there with double sided tape and 1 strand of safety wire just in case the tape failed which it has several times. I understand that there is an oil storage area behind there. I was wondering if anyone thought that I would damage anything if I drilled and tapped 2 small holes in this area to mount this hour meter. I am open to other suggestions as where to mount it but I like to be able to look and see it resonably easy while riding if I need to adjust my idle since I have a Rekluse. If I drilled, tapped and put in crews with a dab of RTV on them I would think that it would work fine. Just looking for other peoples opinions. :thumbsup:

I would just stick with the 3m double sided tape. Myself... I would never drill into the frame.

Bolted mine to the top horizontal white plastic strip on the radiator cover(grill). Used the bolts that came with the meter and have never had a problem.

I would not drill and tap the frame there. It may work, but I doubt it and the risk isn't worth the reward. There are a lot better options out there. I mounted mine with velcro under the seat on the rear fender. It's out of the way and protected there. On the downside you have to take the seat off to see it, so that's probably not a good solution for you since you want to be able to see it easily.

Don't drill the frame! I had an hour meter on my 250f, using the velcro tape stuff and it fell off one day so i'd suggest to zip-ty it.

Mine is zip tied to the throttle cables on the right side of the frame above the radiator

I have mine mounted with double stick foam tape on the right frame neck area. I have several friends that have used this 3m foam tape and none of us have had the hourmeters come off (most have 30-45 hours on them at least). I would NOT suggest drilling into the frame just to mount the hourmeter. Fabricating a bracket to mount to an existing bolt (like the forward/upper right radiator mount hole) might work well.

I screwed mine onto the back side of my WC radiator brace. It is solid and I can still see it thru the shroud.

I have 4 YZF's and 1 WR450. All have the frame tapped at the steering head. There are no issues with doing it. Many people tap the steering head to grease the bearings.

The older bike has been raced for two years without issue.

Where do I get one of those meters? Sounds like a good way to remember my oil changes on time.

I mounted mine in the bar pad.

Where do I get one of those meters? Sounds like a good way to remember my oil changes on time.

Check out there lawn mower department at Sears. That's where I've got both of mine.

I got mine on Ebay (Sears lawnmower variety) for about $18.

Dr. D!!!!!

Thanks for the link, which one of their's are you guys using?

Yamaha sells them - they have 2 or 3 different models -

mine is a combo rpm/hr meter :thumbsup:

I have an hour meter already. I was just wondering how most people mounted it. I have mounted it now with velcro in stead of double sided tape and I will see how it holds up at my harescramble this weekend.

Mine is just zip-tied to the bars.

Ok...I got an hour meter (Briggs&Straton) and made a nifty little mounting bracket for it........but now it doesn't work! Before I take the thing back for a replacement I just want to be sure I hooked it up right.

The pick-up wire has at least 5 wraps around the sparkplug wire and the ground is fitted securely to an engine mount bolt.

Are you supposed to cut back some of the sparkplug wire sheathing to get it closer? Does it matter where on the plug wire you wrap it? :ride:

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