What Boots??

Just wondering what you guys are putting on your feet. I'm going to splurge for new boots tomorrow while I still have a job. The trickle down effect of this war is horrible.

Look at the SIDI, Alpintstars, or the Garne boots. I chose the SIDI's because they are like wearing running shoes. I was told the foot portion was designed by NIKE. A few of my friends have them too, and love them. There is virtually no break in needed. The SIDI's come in 2 sole types. The conventional sole seems to be the choice. There is good feel for the shifter and brake. They are not bulky and thick in the toe area. Hope this helps.


I'm using the Alpinestars M6. Great boot for me, no break-in time needed. What type of riding are you doing. If you are racing go to the Tech 8, I just trail ride with my little girl and rip around with some friends. Hope this helps. Also, Dirt Bike or Motocross Magizine did a shoot out of the top 15 boots, if I find the article I will post it.


Had the Gaerne RX's and they were comfortable but, didn't ofer the ankle support, I was looking for. I have the Tech 8 Alpinestars now and love them. They don't take long to break in (2 rides) and take a little getting used to the feel or lack of (shifting).

Can't see buying any other boot...... again.



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I've got the Tech 6 Alpinestars. The break-in fast and are comfortable. The buckles are replacable and good quality throughout! I paid $175 from MC Accessory Warehouse early this year on special. There are and will be some killer clothing & boot deals this fall so shop around!

Thanks for the advice. I was given an offer I couldn't refuse on a pair of MSR's, so I bought them. They seem a litle chunky though.

I have MSR's and really like them. You are correct, they do feel a little bulky at first but you'll forget about that soon. MSR's are made by Alpinestar.



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I use Thor Boots for woods riding and AlpineStars Vector's for MX and serious Jumping. The Ankle Support and anti-Shock insert work great.


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