removing baffles

A mechanic in town told me if I removed the baffles from my pipe I could gain some exrta hp enough to beat a 426 on the stretch is this true?

With a 450 or a 250? A 450 should do it with no mods, and a 250 won't do it no matter what you do. You may or may not actually gain any HP by cutting baffles out. Simply cutting out baffles does not necessarly mean a pipe will flow better. In fact it may flow actually less. A straight tubed muffler like a "Cherrybomb" will actually flow less air then a baffled "Flowmaster" style muffler. I can promise you it will be a lot louder, and I think a lot of people think they have more power because they have more noise. Loud bikes +95-96db will continue to get us shut down even on "closed course" race tracks. It is happening all over, and will continue unless we quiet them down.

OK, let's reverse the subject of this topic:

What (brand) silencer did you fit on your WR450 '05 to replace the original one...? :thumbsup:

What did this replacement do to your bike;

1. more power at low revs

2. more power at hi revs

3. more noise (...)

4. nothing: I'm disappointed :confused:

...this could be interesting concidering the topics about modifying the original WR450 '05 silencer... :thumbsup:


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