thrown regina

this week i threw my first chain.

it didn't mess anything up except for the aluminum guard that is designed to take the hit-thank the lord.

but that's the last time i will buy a $100 regina chain again. it was the master link that let go but i've never had one let go on any other brand before.

any suggestions on brands and where to get a new set of sprockets and chain combo? steel.


D.I.D. VM-X Ring and AFAM sprockets have always done well for me. I personally like the performance of an o-ring chain but many will argue this point. Luckily for them I've never asked them to pay for my chain.... rolleyes.gif


Y2K WR400FM,Answer top tree w/Accu-Trax clamp,Pro-Tapers(CR-Hi w/ EE handguards),Devol Rad. & frame guards, Guts tall soft foam w/ ballistic cover, 14/52 w/DID VM X-Ring, Kouba-T,Michelin M-12's ft.& rr.,12 oz. flywheel weight, Zip-Ty Racing Link & Shark Fin(plus everythhing else cool that Ty offers), Cycra front rotor guard and T.M. Designworks Chain guide, buffer & chain wheels. Street legal except for the non-"DOT" tires.

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DID X-rings are without a doubt, the BEST chains you can buy in my opinion, we run them on all our bikes, we used regina once, I can tell you know they are the DEVIL!. DID's are strong, maintenence free, and last forever (the master link was also reletivly easy to install, perhaps a result of the X gasket?). A few more dollars now saves you alot of shouted explicitives later.

I also Use DID chains, I am a fan of Sprocket Specialist sprockets as well since I am sponsored by them. I use them on my road racer (2001 GSX-R750) as well as my supermotard WR426, I have never had a chain problem. Also make sure you are using a "riv-link" style master link, yes you need the special tool to put the link on but these are much much stronger than the clip style links.


01' WR426,YZ timing,EMP #2,#48Pilot,#100PAJ,#175 Main,BK mod,Kouba T-Handle,YZ pipe, open airbox,Gray-Wire Pulled,K&N Filter, throttle stop mod,CA Street Legal,Pure SuperMotard 17 in. wheels, 15/46 gears,ProTaper bars,

I have always had great success with regina chains.

My Huky, KTM, Husaberg all wore them.

I couldn't find one in stock anywhere local so I tried a d.i.d.

It works well as well.

Sorry to hear about your problems...

My personal experience with a regina three years ago while riding down to La paz from Ensenada with a Regina chain .Put new Pirelli mt21 and regina chain for the trip. Rode toll road from TJ to Ensenada. Our ride would start from Santo Tomas To La Paz. Never used a regina but a san diego bike shop had a "killer deal on the chain". Regret buying regina for such a long trip....

Probably defective over tempered chain fromj the factory

1.Piece of junk broke in San Jose Comondu,put another piece of chain with another master link and rode standing on footpegs really slow all the way to Loreto, chain broke again two miles from Loreto,put another piece of chain with another master but decided wisely to avoid Loreto to La paz loop(big silt beds and whoops). Rode in truck from Loreto to La Paz in chase truck. While in La Paz decide to ride bike to car wash from malecon to car wash two block away....guess what chain snapped again.!! Luckily the chain broke three times at a really slow speed. Only damage was bending of original only front chain guard. Stick to proven "o" ring chains. DID X-ring is the way to go!

thanks for all the replys.

i always heard that regina chains were awesome but i guess that's what i get for listening to the magazine!

i've had rk's and tsubakis last longer than this.

did it is!!!


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