Proposed ORV trail changes for Little Naches

This looks like a wholesale assault on motorized recreation to me folks. :thumbsup:

You almost have to be a lawyer to understand all that stuff. It sounds like the greenies have got their foot in the door to me. Maybe somebody that can decifer all that stuff can tell us(the general public) what all that stuff means for us, and how does it affect the Taneum side because everything on the right side of Rd.19 is Taneum, everything on left is Little Naches.


Little Jeff

From what I see, they are going to force so many people into so little space, it will be a disaster. At first glance, it sounds like most of the areas people camp and most of the trails will be closed, what's left will be open only after June 1 and only at someones discretion. It looks like they are adding access for quads, maybe hoping this will divide the off-road community. This will also make the trail systems much more dangerous, injuries will skyrocket and a new excuse will be had to close more areas.

Is it just me or are they only closing "unauthorized user trails"? Meaning that they're only closing trails that weren't supposed to be there in the first place?

I could be totally misunderstanding the proposals, though... :thumbsup:

Yah, I didn't read closing existing/marked trails. It sounds like the whole deal is within the 1/2 mile either side of FR19. It definately states they will not open roads to ORV users beyond the 1/2 mile limit, only plated ones. Widening some sections of 941 near a couple trail heads to allow ATV's to get to the 4x4 trails and maybe establishing more camping further west up FR19 to relieve crowding. If you're not a campground rider, but a trail rider, I wouldn't worry about it. We attended the meeting 2 years ago and it sounded like that is the gist of the problem. ie: The 1/2 mile sections either side of FR19- pit riding, illegal road use, overcrowded camping, making/using unmarked trails out of these areas

What is the closure till June 1st all about?

Traditionally in the past we have been able to ride Taneum as soon as the snows melted out of the parking lots. Last couple of winters we have been up riding early in May.

BTW, thats not when the worst damage occurs to the trails. Anyone who rides Taneum all the time can tell you the damage happens when riders from all over the state are forced to ride in a few areas. The more riders the worse the conditions get. By the end of a summer the trails closest to the parking areas are the most beat up. Seasonal opening will not change that. I sure hope they don't start the seasonal thing. We have too many early summers/mild winters and/or late winters which allow for awesome riding clear into November.

So if you start in May and end in November thats pretty closet to 7 months of riding. I was asked once by a Ranger what I thought about a June to Oct. riding season for Taneum, which my response was I didn't like the idea at all.

It's for Little Naches and they would open earlier if conditions warrant

What I sent in:

To: Randall Shepard,

RE: Little Naches Recreation Management Plan EA

Hi Randall,

I am a heavy user of the Little Naches area and make 6-8 trips out there a summer for 3-5 days at a time. I have several small children and appreciate the work you guys are putting into trying to balance everyone’s needs while dealing with the considerable growth the ORV sport is going through.

Regarding the creation of learner trails, if you choose to build these and are able to fund it I feel strongly that the tails should be one-way and heavily marked. On peak weekends like Labor Day and Memorial day there are a lot of kids out there and concentrating them in a few small locations like learner loops will decrease safety if it is not done well. While I think the learner trails will help by giving adolescents a place to ride close to camp, I think that people will still ride in the campground areas because of the need to have their small children with-in sight of camp. My hunch is that most parents with children 9 and under will keep their children riding in circles around camp because of the perceived safety and convenience.

Regarding ATV use: I would much rather you opened up Jeep trails to quads as opposed to bike trails. Quads are large and take up a lot of trail space compared to a bike. If the trails are widened the speed of bike traffic on them will increase, which will make the trails more dangerous, especially when you add larger machines on them like ATV’s. Jeep trails are plentiful, wide, and can accommodate ATV use without taking a big safety hit because of the slow speed at which Jeeps move through the forest.

Thank You for your consideration,


Excellent comments


I agree with Tony, good ideas Steve!



Thanks for the heads up!

I forwarded these links to the WOHVA Land Action commitee. We will get the wheels in motion. The last thing we need is LESS opportunity in Washington State!


when i heard the news of little naches i wasn't surprised. we have been campin there for 15 years and every year there is a certain group of jeepers who blare their music and wreck the trails. they also tend to make their own trails wherever they want. i am saddened by this but i think if we act now we can change it. thanks for the info.


Thanks for the heads up!

I forwarded these links to the WOHVA Land Action commitee. We will get the wheels in motion. The last thing we need is LESS opportunity in Washington State!


Hey Dieselham. I have noticed that you post the URL for WOHVA site in your signature. It seems that there has been little progress with the site since it's inception. Do they need help with it?

That seasonal closure at the discreasion of the land manager sounds like how they manage the Mad River area. I cannot remember one year when they opened early (Mad River) regardless of the conditions. Good ole Randy McLandrus of the FS. One year they postponed opening the Mad River area then two weeks after they did open it they closed it down due to high fire danger??????? I don't trust them at all, the FS. More regulation and smaller areas are not the solution. They already have a seasonal closure on the Little Natches with the green dot system. I don't think they need more.

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