Installing comp cams and adjusting the valves

Hey I just got a set of Comp cams and I was getting ready to install them and I had a few questions. Wondering whether the cam timing remains the same? Also, any tricks for the install would be nice, and do you guys think I should order a new gasket set.

Now to the valves. I got mike bike a few months ago and I haven't checked to see whether the valves are adjusted properly. I don't doubt that they aren't because the guy I got it from just had the top end serviced and I talked to the mechanic who did it. I have not looked at the manual yet but I was wondering what the valve adjustment procedure was and the specs? Thanks for the info.

What kind of bike and what year??

Oops my bad, its a 2000 YZ 426. I am actually looking through the manual right now to find the info. Thanks

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