06 YZ 450 Washout

Well, finally it happened.

Was riding pretty hard yesterday at a very fast, loamy mx track in central PA.

Coming into a left hand corner with a little bit of spongy mud there, bang, front end gone and I was on the ground.

Thank goodness for the Unabikers because I think the 50 cent radiators would have been dead.

I've heard of problems with this bike letting go without warning but I can't be sure if it was related to that or just that I came in too hot and lost it.

I have lowered the suspension and switched the tires.

Overall, the tractability, handling and power has been superb.

Wonder if anyone else has been in this situation. I hear the 250F is the same way.

You wipe out in a slightly muddy turn and wonder if it's time to blame the bike? Be honest and ask yourself if a differant bike would have made the turn. Is rider error a possibility? I have the 06 450 and can't find fault w/ the handling. Maybe I misread your post but it isn't always the bikes fault when we crash. Yup..........you came in too hot. :thumbsup:

This bike has no handling issues!!!!

I'll go to my grave saying that.

The magazine reports are all from southern california hard baked adobe riders who think a 1 inch tall ridge is a berm!

They've been on other brands as their personal bikes for too long to be objective.

Do you have the sag set and the forks up a little in the triple clamps?? 756 on front? Those changes alone help out big time especially setting the sag around 98 mm

I'm sure it was rider error and all my fault.

I was just wondering if anyone else experienced a similar circumstance that was unexplained and recurring. :crazy:

I've slid the forks and changed both tires to something completely different that I run on my YZ 250.

Thanks for your comments, hopefully it will come together for this weekends race.

I know exactly what you mean because it is what I felt on my CRF450. I could not tune out the 'unexpected front end departure' no matter what I tried (tires, forks, triple clamps, sag, rebound, etc). It was always on a flat sweeping turn in deep loam - usually in third gear. All bikes I've ridden before would either give some warning or the back would break loose first - not so with my Honda.

All that being said, I've had good luck with my new YZ450F. I did change the tire to a 756, pulled the forks up to the etched line and set the sag to about 98mm. She seems to ride like I 'expect' - that is the back letting go first so I can power slide instead of the dreaded foot-stomp and face-plant.

I hope it's just your setup, as I am getting rid of the Honda for this reason.


Yea pm Dunn2500 - he can't get his to turn either...sounds like you both need to try different sag settings....mine carves turns unlike any other bike I have owned :crazy:

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