Triple clamp and Steering Damper

OK, here goes I am either going to get a GPR or a Scotts damper. Any recommendations? How about a triple clamp to go with.

2001 WR426

Go to their web sites and check out the pictures. Scott's shows pretty good pictures of the applications. I use a Scott's, and it really helps the fatigue factor.

I have a Scotts. Although I do not think the 250f I have really needs one in the conditions I ride, It works better in tight woods because it has high and low speed adjustments. Obviously this is the speed of movement of the front end side to side, not speed of the bike over the ground. You can turn the high speed damping off to get around tight sections better and still leave the low speed on for if you hit something in a fast section, etc.


I got the GPR a few weeks ago for my WR250F. They have totally changed the dampening characteristics of these units so a lot of what you may read about the GPR may be out of date. I also got the D1H triple clamp all from GPR - They are very helpful & will advise you appropriately. I am very happy with the set up I have using Protaper bars. It really does make a difference. I ride woods trails & single tracks. There are a lot of loose rocks & ruts out there looking to harass your front wheel stability. I set the damper to 3.5 & this works well for me.


every thinng those other guys said. GPR is the best. you can get the whole setup from new top clamp bars and GPR for ~$590. this is what i got and love it could not be better



yz timed now

some mods

Hey bikedestroyer,

what sold you on the GPR vs scotts? Just put a scotts on my wr and it sure does help the arm fatigue factor.


Everything that Nev-WR said is what I was going to say. I have the same exact set up as he does and it works awesome. The customer service is top notch too. I have used Scott's for years until last year I switched to GPR & my vote goes to GPR.


I was sold on the GPR after I spent about an hour talking to Randy the owner of GPR. I had been having problems with my Scotts for about the last year and was tired of having it rebuilt. I could have bought a brand new one for what I spent on rebuilds. GPR has a lifetime warranty on their product and I see them out at all the races I go to. I can get it serviced and upgraded for free. Their customer service is definately top notch. I liked my Scotts for about 2 years thats when I started having problems. Scotts doesn't have the warranty on there product like GPR does. I don't want to bash Scotts, but I just had lots of trouble with mine & I had to keep spending more & more money to fix it.


Thanks for the info. Oh well, too late now. I've heard good things about scotts too. Doesn't seem like there is too much that can go wrong with it. Sounds like you had a defective unit and it probably would have behooved them to just replace it in order to keep your business. One dissatisfied customer does a lot of damage sometimes.

What problems were you having with your Scotts? I rebuild them myself. There is very little to going through one. Mucho easy. I've never seen one with any problems and there are a slew of guys around here with them. I'm a Scotts dealer and haven't had any issues with one yet.


MX Tuner

Hey MX Tuner, Do you re-build them for other people? I bought a used one, and want to go through it while my bike is down for the Winter. I am using the oil filler mount, and it works great, but getting the dip stick out is a pain. Thanks

Sure,I'd be glad to go through yours. I have the same mount you do. Yeah, it's a pain but thankfully, I don't have to check my oil too much.

E-mail me for more info.

Oh man, give me more info on the Tag triple clamp...


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