YZ 400 Starting problems.

I have a 99 YZ 400 I am having a devil of a time starting. I would go through the "starting procedure" and some times it kicks right off, and other times it takes 30 min to start. I was told the electronics may be going out. Any ideas, or help would be great. I just tore it down to powder coat the frame. I am up for any suggestions on what I should replace/upgrade.

have you noticed if there is an significant outside temp difference when it starts or fails to start. i know i need to up my pilot jet when it gets real cold. have you made any mods when the prob began. a year or so ago i put hot cams in mine with the auto decomp and it was a bear to start the first start of the day until thru trial and error i found out it needed a twist or 2 of the throttle before i started it and then it would fire up within 3 kicks. i would also go thru your carb real good clean all the jets and little holes in the carb.

I bought the bike with A whitebrothers pips on it. Not sure of the history. I bought it slightly used in 2000. It is time for a carb rebuild Im sure. Just got it off. I think I will start there. As far as temp goes it is always hot when I ride, but when it is a little cooler it does seem to start easier. Thanks for the reply.


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