Baja Designs Running Light

I just received my Baja Designs headlight assembly. I did some research and found that they make up to a 35W bulb in the W2.1x9.5d and many other wattages in between that I could replace the stock running light with.

Has anyone upgraded this bulb to a higher wattage in the baja designs headlight. The only concern I have is the rubber mounting that the bulb sits in, and how much heat it can take before melting.

I powered the 3watt bulb and I could pretty much hold it in my fingers after it had been on for a while, but it was very warm. So I was think of a 10W, but I don't know if the rubber mounting can handle it.

I wanted something that I could use as a backup in case my engine dies at night. I figure a 10W would be decent.


I've got the old baja designs setup and I have the 90/100W bulb. I think is is an Acerbis assembly. I have a big rubber boot behind the H4 bulb. No burning rubber smell. It's been OK for 2+ years. :thumbsup:

Yes, I have the same type of setup with the big rubber boot behind the H4 bulb.

I was more wondering about the small running light bulb. The difference is the running light bulb is held in place by a rubber boot. So the glass of the bulb is partially enclosed in the boot, and it will see most of the heat that the bulb generates. But I don't know if the older stlye has that.


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