Allure of the blue beast

Well, I have a 1997 YZ 250 and feel it's time for an upgrade, probably to the YZf450. I was just wondering how the 2006 valves and such are holding up, and about how much in maintanence cost you'll spend on average in a year. I want a 450 hella bad, but if I have to replace the engine every year... it might be the 2006 YZ smoker for me. So, comments? Thanks!

I'm coming off an '03 YZ250 onto the '06 YZ450F. I have adjusted my riding habits a lot but the bottom line is that I am faster and ride smoother/easier on the thumper. I liked my 2 smoke soooo much, I kept it for those 'wild hair' days.

Well, I defenitly won't be able to keep it... I'm 16, and 7k is hard to come by :thumbsup:

Well, I defenitly won't be able to keep it... I'm 16, and 7k is hard to come by :thumbsup:

I'm 22 and 7k is hard to come by...when I was 16, 1k was hard to come by. You must manage your $$ better than I did, or you have a smokin' job!

Or two jobs :thumbsup: I do manage my money well too... I have to, with the parent attitute of "If we loan you money, you won't learn responsibility" Thus the two jobs :thumbsup:

500$ is hard to come by when your 14 like me and your parents buy you the bike but you pay for the maint.

Thats why I just recently started riding... I got a job when I was 15, shortly after, I now have a YZ250...

I am coming off a '02 on a '06 YZ450F myself. I haven't owned the bike nearly long enough to give any info on maintenance costs (only have 3 hours on it). I have spent life with several other modern four strokes though.

For sure it is an expensive bike and will probably be more expensive to maintain than the two stroke was. All this power stretches chains, wears sprockets faster. More internal parts that cost bigger dollars than the 2 smoke. If you stick to a maintenance schedule and stay on top of isn't out of reach.

Pluses on the side of the 4 stroke, no premix to buy, over a season that can be a significant expense. Spark plugs.....probably won't need another one other than the stock one. I will say also....this bike comes with so much great stuff(titanium footpegs and shock spring, pro-tapers, superb suspension, decent tires, gripper seat, quality hardware)....I will most likely run it pretty much stock except for a few protection items. You will have to replace the chain rather quickly sucks eggs.

There definately comes a time when the expense of keeping an older bike running outweighs the cost of a new machine. I was there with my '02... I can imagine you're there with the 97 too. This new 450 is an amazing machine....truly.

Yamaha has some fantastic financing programs right now....including a 6 months zero down, zero payments, zero interest on the 4 stroke YZ/WR and up to 12 months on the two stroke YZ's. This financing is primarily for racers who like to sell their bikes at the end of the season to pick up a new model in 07. This offer is good till May 31st. All competition YZ/WR's come with a 30 warranty....something you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

I still don't understand the two stroke/spark plug thing. I've never changed mine :thumbsup: And your right, things do seem to be going on my bike; clutch, piston, random pieces. I think this bike has just about shook every part possible off... So, how is the suspension for a 170-180 lb rider? Thats most of my beef, the suspension is old, and you can tell. I really would like to hear from anyone on how much you spend annually for repairs/maintanence though...

People have only had these bikes for 5 months at most...not alot of time for things to start falling apart. '06450 had major and significant changes to the entire bike...the motor too is almost all new. I know that the older YZ450 motors have been awesome overall.....with much greater reliability than any other brand or displacement (ie. 250F's).

The suspension should be spot on for you (though it will feel very stiff initially) and you will be amazed at how good it is. I have heard of riders up to 210 lbs not needing to change spring rates. It all depends on how hard you ride and at what level.

Or two jobs :thumbsup: I do manage my money well too... I have to, with the parent attitute of "If we loan you money, you won't learn responsibility" Thus the two jobs :thumbsup:

Yeah, parents and loaning me money...never happened. I work two jobs right now just to get me through college. It's good to see that people are still having to earn their own way. Keep it up!

BTW, to stay on topic...I run a thumper as well and although when things break, they are generally more expensive, regular maintenance keeps you away from the really expensive stuff. All-in-all, I'd say the costs balances out eventually between 2 and 4 stroke, they just involve different items. I guess some of that would also depend on what type of riding you are doing since it will effect where the engine is getting it's wear. Hope that helps...

When I was a kid and wanted a new bike, my Dad made me earn the money by working for his construction company. I always got the shit jobs but I earned my own bike and appreciated it more I think.

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