How heavy is a 2001 xr 650

Me & bike weigh over 600lbs, so dont cut me off or get in my way! hehehe Piggy may go into rootin mode! I dont notice weight nor speed bumps.(someone in the way)

So its a little heavy, really whats 50-60 pounds more than a 450 or 250??? I dropped my VTX1800 R once at almost 900 lbs. You should have seen how fast I picked it up. Weight means nothing when your adrenaline is pumping on the track or on the street. I got pinned once under the bike, down almost 2 minutes, I swear 30 bikes used me for a jump, still laugh about that. Its true what they say, the torque trumps the weight once you get moving!!

Weight -

Bikes are built for differnet purposes. If you want the ultimate woods bike, many people would say to buy a KTM 300 XC of XC-W because they weigh about 220 lbs, have a very smooth powerband for a 2-stroke, and a decent suspension from the factory for this. If you want a fast bike for open roads that does not twitch going over whoops at 75 MPH, then you need more weight and power with a bike like a XR650R. If you want something that does both that may also be street legal, then you need to look in the 450/525 range for both power and middle-weight feel.

Interesting link. They don't know how to spell carburetor and claim that the BRP has 61 horsepower. Interesting top speed. I had mine up to 105MPH on the GPS with a passenger going down a hill on the street. Never seen 102 on flat ground though. Hmm....

if you have internet,, theres this cool thing called google, maybe you have heard of it... as for your question it weighs 129.0Kg or 284.4 Lbs dry.


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