Need some advice on service costs

Just got off the phone to the dealership where I purchased my 05 wr 450 late last year, was going to send the bike in to have the front fork seals replaced, leaking after only 1400 km. I decided to get a major service done on it as well but after they told me the price $385 for the service and no mention of $ for the seals I thought I'd ask you guy's if that sort of money is worth it or would I be better to do it myself. Hate to get it done and then feel like the dealership ripped me again.

Key Phrase "Hate to feel like they ripped me again", listen to your instinct on this. If it sounds like it is too high you are probably right. I guess it depends on what they are going to do for the price. Reality is they are going to charge you top dollar for the parts, and their service rates are probably in the area of 50-60 per hour. Your labor bill will be more then parts, and usually it is around 50% more. Put some info. out on what they are going to do, and you will get a lot of info. back on this sight. I am sure even if you have a basic took kit you could do most of the work yourself.

Why not call another shop and get a quote--competition is good.

I would also consider taking the forks off the bike, and taking them into the dealer. The labor should be less that way.

how good are you with tools? there's not that much to do to the bike other than normal maintenance. have you been changing your oil and keeping the air filter clean? the valves will tell you when they need adjustment(stalls easy and is hard to start). sure would be a shame to pay them to "check fluids". take your fork legs off your self before you take them in. be sure to put on a pair of seal savers before you put them back on. buy the long ones and cut them in half. you'll have two pair. sell a set to a buddy to cut the price in half.

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