back to to stroke, maybe ?

i have 06 450 all stock and thinking of selling only rode it twice all stock, i think i like a yz250 better, i like the 450 but the track i ride at is really tight, i'm thinking 05 or 06, so how much is the 450 worth?

you should try to trade for a 250f plus cash.. take off any goodies you have on your bike and put them on the new one ..Im sure someone wants a 450 and got a 250 .. other than that who knows what its worth.. they are 6300 here plus tax.. I would think you should get 6 k but may not be able to get more than 5500.00.. maybe you should go to dealer and tell them what you want and see if they can help you out.. esp if you really wanst a 250 2 stroke they have lots of those and no 450's

yeah thats what i was thinking, i'll probably put it up for about $5900, but i don't want to give it away and its not like i hate it or anything

I'll buy it. Meet me half way to Washington.... Seriously, PM me.

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