making a yzf450 into a enduro racing machine

my buddy goosedog runs a +12 in his 02,hasn't slowed him down any. he says he loves it,so +10 should do just fine :crazy:

Will I loose top end speed by going heavier? I apologize, but like I said, I've never worried much about FW, so i don't know much about them and their effects. I am just going by a few things I've heard.

This is the plan right now

--> Aftermarket stator from Electrex ($125)

-->+10 FW ($90)

-->Total ($215)

Does that sound about right?

no if anything it might just increase top speed(more inertia)and the bikes gonna hook up better. nothin's cheap in the world of dirtbikes :ride: its money well spent though,especially if ya gotta have lights :crazy:


So I was thinking. What if I purchase a WR stator and a +10 FW made for the WR (or just use a stock rotor since that is heavier anyway). Would that be the same set-up...the reason I ask is that I have heard the WR stator is rated at 120W!

if its a 426 i think thats possible(you might want to cofirm with someone who knows for sure) but 450's do not share the same flywheels and cannot be interchanged from wr to yz :crazy:

Well, the only way to use a WR flywheel is to use a WR stator as well. It is interchangable that way, but you have to do both or none. Does that make sense? Do you know how I could find out how much heavier the WR flywheel is? If it is already 10oz heavier than I will just get a regular stock one.

not if its a 450,they will not interchange. :crazy: on the 450's it is 13 oz heavier(there is also the starter gear and clutch), i don't know what it is on the 426's? probly about the same.

Sounds good, I'll just go OEM WR stator and flywheel. Sounds like that is right around what I want. Thanks ncmountainman! :crazy:

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