I think I'm gonna make the move.

I ride a DR-Z400 and like it a lot. I loved it until I rode a new WR-450,now I want one.

I want to sell my bike and get a wr. It'll have to be a used one,likely 03 maybe 04. I'll also try to get it plated,I figure if I sell my bike to an out of state guy I can run my tags on the wr until I get the DMV thing sorted.

I digress,am I missing anything by going back a few years?

The 03 has E-start right? gotta have the button.

How's the reliability?

How often do I need to check the valves?

Does 5th gear have enough overdrive for the street?

Thanks, and don't tell the DRZ guys I may defect.

If it's an 03 your after, make sure the woodruff key has been taken care of.


You only check the valves if you are realy realy bored,

It is a wide ratio 5 speed (hence the WR in the name!) so it goes well on the street.

I could get 150km/h out of 14/50 gearing and about 175km/h out of 15/50 gearing. Fast enough.

Reliability is typical yamaha, change the oil regularly (every 5hrs or so) and it will last for ever.

The '03 is e start.

It is lighter and more powerful than your DRZ, it is a good step up.

oooooo im tellin'!


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