06 YZ450F vs. 05/06 YZ250

Well, I am going to be buying a new bike this summer and I want either a 2006 YZ450F or a 05/06 YZ250. So I was wondering if anyone has ridden both of them and if you could write a small ride report about both of them.


I used to have a 2005 yz 250, i rode it for a year, awesome bike. now I have a 2006 450, and I wouldn't go back, Just all around easier to ride... not the same hit as a two stroke, but definately better all aorund. btw get an 06 if you decide to go with the 250 because the fork / shock changes they made after 05 are amazing...

IMHO, you can't go wrong w/ either one. I got the 450, but I debated w/ myself for weeks! Some days, I wonder if I jumped on the band wagon or not. I love my 450 but the 2 strokes are more my style.

Get one of each. :thumbsup::confused::thumbsup::bonk:

I have both an 06 yz450f, and an 05 yz250. Which bike you get should be dictated by the kind of riding you plan on doing. The 450 is hands down the better bike at the track, but I still prefer the 250 for off road/desert work.

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