***Opinion Poll*** Your chance to tell me how you really feel.

Since the new format wont let me post polls, we'll have to do this the hard way... :thumbsup:



Give me your honest opinions, Please.

- -I like the stripes, keep 'em

- -Lose the number plate stripes

- -"The Bandit" called and want's his DRZ back.

keep the stripes. unique.


Awesome bike, nice colors!


I would prefer a completely black skidplate, not the stocker, something like carbon fiber or from Hyde Developments?


Is this black enough for ya?


Lose em..... reminds me of cars where people put ding protectors down the sides of every one of their doors. Otherwise..... great bike!

stripe the stripes

lose 'em

keep em,when i saw the pic of the bike at night the stripes seem to reflect some light back and it looked cool.

Looks GAY, not that there's anything wrong with that.

MXJunky likey the stripey.

Keep the stripes...makes the bike unique

Looks GAY, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Keep em :thumbsup: Its only gay if you open your eyes :thumbsup:

- -Lose the number plate stripes

awe hell keep the stripes!

Lose em and get a skid plate.

Nice looking bike.

Keep 'em until they fall off by themselves.

Keep 'em. They look great.

-Lose the number plate stripes and the cyclopes stripes :thumbsup:

i say keep the stripes... they match the tank stipes

Loose the stripes. Sharp bike

Lose the number plate stripes. Cool looking bike tho :thumbsup:

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