Dual sport kit

Is anyone using a trick dual sport kit on there 450? It says you have to remove the odometer. Is there another location to mount it? I don't want to remove it as I like to use it for dual sport rides. What do you think of there kit, are you happy with it? It looks like a good product and you do not have to modify the stator. Any feed back appreciated.

Dale makes great kits that are easy to install and he does stand behind his products. Most of us loose the big odometer for the Endurance speedo.

The Trick Dualsport Kit is the best on the market. Dale makes a superior unit. Light weight and very easy to install. I have the original TDS unit and am running a complete speedo unit behind it. It has the updated innards in it. (thanx Dale) :thumbsup: The only problem iv'e had was caused by me, not in the design of the unit.


I have a Trick Dual sport kit and the stock odometer. The Trick Dual Sport kit is mounted to the left and not on center. This leaves enough room for a stock 05 odometer. I don't know how this would work with an 06 electric unit. The control box for a TDS is very small and tucks in nicely.

I also used my stock headlight shroud and headlight. I like the stock look and the headlight is a good unit. Another advantage is that you can order pre-cut graphics kits that fit the stock headlight shroud.

I would suggest taking some photos and marking where you would like your control box and calling Dale.

do you guys have a link for this trick setup? And how does it compare to Baja-Designs kit?

Thanks, now for the second part of my question, is it similar to the Baja-Performance kits?

...i use the trick dualsport-kit with my wr 450 and it is great. Endurance digital spedo...did all YZ mods & the thing screams...

Cant speak for the Trick kit. I did just install a Baja Designs kit on my 06 450. Pretty simple other than the stator modification. Its not that the stator was that difficult just that it wouldnt be hard to break or cut a wire and you would be then left having to purchase a new stator. You use the stock headlight and shroud, the plate frame is aluminum and fits very nicely, you have a bit of a choice with signals and the modified stator will push 130watts acording to Baja Designs.

Baja deisgns told me the stator mod is just so the headlight will run off the AC when the engine is running so it won't drain the battery, is this what you did? they said it's a wire i remove and reinsert somewhere else, will give me more details if i buy from them, do you have any pics of the different types of signal lights available? or the ones you used?

As far as the Stator mod I called Baja Designs before I even decided to mess with the modification. If the mod wasnt going to make a big difference I was going to get a Moose 75Watt stator and just not mess with the stock unit. I spoke with Dan at Baja Designs, he explained to me that by following their modification the resistance of the stock stator would be almost 0 and would then result in a stator that culd support 130Watts. I cant offer anymore than that, I didnt think it would run 130watts continusly but he assured me the Moose Stator would not perform with my modified stock unit?????

They have a few different signals available, they have the small blister type that sit flush against the rear fender and the typical stem mount. The stem mounts are pretty stubby. I'll try to post a pic for you this weekend, nothing special though. The front signals I got mount with the top screw for the number plate and again fit quite nicely and pretty close.

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