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G'day fellas, roo from Australia,I read an article in Australasian dirt bike magazine in "98" about a bloke in New Zeland who had set up a "98" WR4 for road racing, It was lowered in every way possible, looked pretty trick and the thing did over 300kph (190mph). I'll try and find the issue and give you more info. Its good to see a bit of experimenting happening.

Sorry sir... There is no way on earth that a YZ400 or 426 or WR400 or WR426 will ever do 300kph or 190 mph... And I don't care if you turbocharged it and ran alcohol or nitrous in it.

200kph ?..Yes... I've seen one on a RR track doing 120 mph (or close).

And you should know that the Yamaha 400/426's have a bad reliability record when you make them make more power.

And Taffy....

What the heck are you talking about "Charlie Browning the horizon" ?

What does a cartoon character have to do with the track ?


when a rider rolls down to the bottom of every roller & then up over the top.

if they went any harder they'd fall off!

usual sign is that the suspension is too soft & they have to slow down to let the full 2'(!!) of suspension travel work!

with harder suspension i'm sure you agree the idea is to skim the top. but it can't be done with woolly suspension.

the 2d riding reminds me of cartoons in general.

sundays ride saw many new wr's on the track. the suspension was waaaaaaayy too soft, i'd imagine a few stopped with sea sickness or fell over until they got their land legs!


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Does anybody else know what Taffy means by "Charlie Browning the horizon" ?

I bet nobody does.

Despite that "explanation".

I think what Taffy is referring to in regards to "Charlie Browning" is when the bike is going up and down through the whoops rather violently. Remember the jagged line that was printed across the front of the sweater Charlie Brown always had on in the "Peanuts" cartoons? This would be the movement of the bike as its ridden.

Cartoon and/or TV culture humor at its finest - amusing and a bit obscure all in one bite. That's why I like it!


Phoenix, Arizona - home of the Arizona Trail Riders and the Desert Mountain Enduro Series. Visit ATR at .

1999 WR400, YZ timing, no airbox lid, throttle stop trimmed, FMF oversized headpipe, Power Core IV-SA exhaust, Race Tech suspension, IMS YZ desert tank/seat combo, FMF 909 bars and grips, *Aluminum Bark Busters, *UFO hand guards, *Moose skidplate, *Scotts rear disc guard, *Acerbis front disc guard (*all items a must in AZ!), Water-Wetter in radiator, Scotts steering damper is next...

What Jeff ain’t tellin’ us is he has a PhD in “Global Dialects of the English Language.” So obviously he WOULD know what Taffy is saying, while the rest of us can only guess.

Yeah right... Jeff.. That's your best guess.

Nevermind.... I have to go "Lucy" my linkage.

Hey - that was clear to me what he was saying from the first post.....really! We all know the sight or feeling of plowing through the whoops - Taffy just used an interesting collection of phrases to describe it :)

You know what they say. England and America - two great nations separated by a common tongue! Cheers!


personally im not gonna get as worked up about the phraze taffy chooses to use.

I'm more interested in what he is doing to the bike and the results he is getting, although i think this web site may help u out a little with your concerns and worrys.


put that new exhaust manifold gasket on last night. the top r/h screw for the oil filter used to just skim the pipe forcing the header to be undone slightly.

now with the new gasket the pipe came up about 3mm (with some help) & the screws to the oilfilter cover now miss the pipe.

put access to the oil filter down as another improvement.

more riding done & there is one disadvantage, it's a sod to pull the airbox connection away from the carb.

rear wheel still nowhere near the seat on jumps.

i probably won't bother shortening the rubber inlet tract. sealing would be a hassle now that i realise that the inlet tract isn't perfectly round for a pair of clips etc.

so i think that's about that on this subject from me. i've kept it all on one thread which will hopefully help others in the future.


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