carb trouble

I forgot to drain my Edelbrock carb. before putting my xr650r away for a few months. The gas dryed up and left a green crusty glaze on everything. I have cleaned up everything, but could not get it to start and gas was pouring out the overflow.. I cleaned out the float valve but it still would not close.. Chris at Edlebrock sent me a new valve, this one had a small wire clip that attaches the needle to the float..

Sadly I still cannot get the bike to fire up. I'm open to any ideas y'all have.

You are probably going to have to disassemble the carb and soak it in carb cleaner for a while and blow it out with compressed air. This process might have to be repeated to get all the crap out.

You might check your spark plug...... :thumbsup:

once it gums up you have to tear it apart all the way and do a complete clean job. Soaking over night or longer in a good carb cleaner works good and you can get spray can carb cleaner from Kragen, plan on about 4 cans, and spray the hoot out of every passage, air and fuel, clean all parts, veryify all passages clear, air and fuel,blow them out good with compressed air, reset float height and you should be good to go, if it wont start, and you have spark, clean it again.

These guys are right,gas turns into a nasty varnish like crud that plugs the narrowest of passages.....this guy had the same problem last week:

Carb Blues

Disassemble and soak......

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