Hot Start Stuck Closed??

I did a search and all I could find were threads about Hot Starts stuck open.

My hot start is stiuck closed. I amd scared to use too much force to get it out.

Any advise??

Where is it stuck, in the cable housing or in the carb? If it's in the carb, see if you can unscrew the nut enough to squirt some lube in there. There's a small O-ring that is recessed into the plunger that may get gunked up and cause it to stick. If that doesn't work, pull the rubber housing off the top of the nut and try to get the metal cable guide to rotate in the top of the nut with some lubricant. If it's the cable housing, pull it off the lever and squirt down it...SC

It is stuck in the carb. I can get the nut off and see down in the hole. It will not twist or do anything. I am worried that forcing the issue will cause a bigger problem.

Upon further thought, if you have some carb cleaner or electrical contact cleaner handy, squirt some in the plunger hole. Give it a minute and see if frees it up. If not, lather, rinse, repeat. That type of cleaner will evaporate, so you really don't have to worry too much about it screwing anything else up :thumbsup: ...SC

Mine also was stuck in the carb..

I sprayed and pulled and jiggled for probably an hour ...

Fill the hole plunger with carby clean,penetrating fluid, you may have to leave it over night..

I wiggledit with the "nut".off..

Ill also put the Nut back in the carb and moved it using the hot start lever..

Pour hot water over plunger area and turn plunger with screwdriver or pull on cable.When out clean the dirt and crud off plunger ,clean plunger hole,then reassemble with plenty of silicon grease.The hot water expands the plunger hole slightly.Worked 4 me

Can anyone tell me if there is any way to the inside of the hot start from the inside of the carb? I think I am going to cut the hot start cable and then drill it out. I have looked and cannot see anything from the inside however it is hard to see because I cannot get the carb off of the bike.

Would it help to remove the Hot start cable at the lever and remove the carb from the bike then work on it at a bench? I'm not sure if the cable can be removed without moving the lever though.

Removing the cable from the bike is the next step it should help a little

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