Rear Pegs?

Has anyone ever put rear pegs on a 426? The ladies are beggin' for rides, but they won't hop on w/o pegs... :thumbsup:

I know I'm dredging up oooooooold stuff but that's exactly what I'm wondering as well. I have a youngster that would like Ike to ride along with dad on some fire roads and would like to have somewhere definite for them to put their feet. Anyone have any insight? I have an 01 YZ426.

You can do anything with the proper tooks. In this case a welder

Nothing available as a bolt-on.  Fab something.

Very interesting. I think you could drill out and screw a bolt to mount the pegs on the sub-frame. I know that the swing arm is a bad idea. Fab somthing up and post some pics with the process. Or just get a road bike or Harley to take the kids or ladies out.

If you drill the sub frame, you will find out how thin the tubing walls are.  It will never hold a bolt.

Stegpegz the closest thing...not quite what they are designed for tho

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