Ok, I'm loving the BRP


This thing is cool! I wasn't sure about all that power, but it's growing on me. :confused:

I hadn't ridden in the past 8 years since selling a XR600 and a Hawk GT to help fund a business buy. Vehicles are a Toyota Tacome pickup (4 cyl auto) and a Mazda Miata. SOOOOOOOOOOO the 650 felt like a freaking rocket at first!

It STILL feels aaawfully fast for a single. Wondering if maybe it's been rejetted. It had a BD kit and pass. pegs put on by the dealership he bought the bike from. Also Pirelli MT21's put on. WOndering if they might have rejetted it then. It starts easy, first or second kick, idles nicely (never stalled while idling), will power wheelie in first gear if rolled on hard, (I'm 255lbs and tend to sit forward). Exhaust hasn't been cut and appears stock to me.

Put the keyed ignition and ATK speedo/odo on tonight that looks stock and awesome and that made it official, I'm hooked on this bike.


If its been uncorked properly, then the easiest way to tell without doing too much is to take the air filter out and see if the plastic boot and gromet has been removed from the filter housing. Should be nothing more than twisting the quick releases and having a look.


You don't have to remove the air filter to tell that. Just take off the side cover and if you can see a red fender through two rectangular openings, she's had the airbox restrictions taken off...rejetting may or may not have been done though. Only way to tell is to pop the carb off.

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