Very Nice Bike

so i clean carbs air screw was out 3 turns to much and want to ride bad but i live in downey calif 9 miles east of los angles calif and its a bad choice to ride a dirt bike on the street so at 5:30 this morning i start bike 3rd kick drive down driveway go left due east 3 1/2 miles to the riverbed (riverbed is man made chanel from the mountains to the ocean for the rain to drain thru the citys) no more snezzing or poping out carb but still not right. On riverbed about 1 mile and sumtin changes bike smooths out and gets quieter as it goes faster with less gas this bike rides so well and goes over everthing with little or no effort and im not stopping till the end i can not beleive what a great bike this is sumtin changes again and bike gets louder and ruffer and slower for a second then pops back does this off and on 5 more times almost feels like timing changes but didnt make it to the end had to get gas got a drink and on again switch to reserve at base of the quarry in azusa calif at 940 am got gas 2 more times on my way south till i was smelling the ocean didnt go past pch cause havent seen 1 cop or helicopter the whole time but figured because i was telling myself this probly gona get a ticket and or bike impounded on way back but did not hit my street at 3:30 pm 3rd gear thumped it slow and quiet the 3 miles to the house what should have been a bad choice cause i know better turned out to be one of the best choices ive made this year execpt for when i said (WHOS BIKE AND LADY SAYS U WANT IT AND I SAY YEP! 87 XR 600 I HAD NO IDEA! WHAT A GOOD TIME I HAD so when i walk in house with one of those smiles with dirt in ur teeth i see note on fridge wife says (were at ur dads kids missed u this morning for easter! i hope u are fine i see the bike gone im not gona worry) love ya

WOW FORGOT IT WAS EASTER....dang so anyways like i was saying 87 XR 600 WHAT A BITCHEN BIKE CAN ONLY IMANGINE WHAT THESE NEWER ONES RIDE LIKE and understand the fact that we have our own section in forum


The XR600's have always been 'keepers'. Bring it to the desert next weekend. That bike thrives in the desert.

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