Riding Gordon's Well with the 650R for the first time.... will fresh knobs work?

Will I need a paddle or will a fresh rear knob work? I have never been to Gordon's and have never riden the 650R in any sand conditions period. Hear it has some non-dune riding also. Don't know what to expect. All suggestions are appreciated.


When I ride out there, I don't like the hassle of switching out tires. Just gotta keep speed up and be thinking way ahead. The whole head on a swivel thing. A paddle will definately make it easier first time out. Just watch your engine temp, as it's starting to get warm and running in the soft sand strains a engine, especially repeated runs up Test or Comp. If you are running around the canal, anyone behind you will appreciate your lack of a paddle. Lots of small rocks that will get shot back. There is a trail that runs over to the power plant and over to the hot springs, once you get over the 8. If you can find BLM, they usually have a map with all of the legal trails marked on them.

Make sure your air filter is sealed very well. All the desert west of the canal is fun riding but real soft.I usually only hit this area after a good rain. As for the dunes it gets boring after awhile. Don't forget, know what's on the other side before you climb a hill, some of those dunes drop off 5 stories on the back side.

what is the best method of sealing the airbox? I have some Bel Ray waterproof grease and am not sure how much to aply to the edges of my UNI filter. Will that be enough?

Thanks for the info.

Dunes boring? Never!! I LOVE riding in the dunes. Between my XR650R, CR250R, and 400EX the 650 is my least favorite for duning though.

I guess you just have to be a duner to get into it, now the open desert is where it's at. I use the grease that comes in a squeeze tube and run a bead around the filter, the part of the filter at the latch on the bottom corner is the worst spot. The more I think of it, there's nothing like the dunes after a good rain.

Ok....... I got the grease gig down...... now for the rain dance.

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