Rekluse question number 2 (with pics this time)


This is the lower assembly, my question is how much sideways movement should there be of the smaller/upper spindle, the one with the red line, the lower (blackline) spindle is held still,

I know it has spin freely, but it does have a lot of sideways movement.

Notice the snapped bolts in the thread holes. :thumbsup:

Is the tension setting your using correct old lad.

I'm certain of it :thumbsup:

Back to the sideways movement.

There should be a lot of radial slop in the spindle. That is normal for their design. :thumbsup: Dont forget that the spindle bolts to the inner basket and the outer pressure plates fits snugly into the outer basket. The factory clearance is designed for no radial contact between the parts.

Thanks Indy, you a credit to the site!!

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