Rear wheel hopping

I have an 01 xr650l and when I start out in 1st gear and get on it kind of hard the rear wheel hops of the ground . At first I thought it was the tranny slipping, then the clutch. I had a friend ride it in front of me and a friend, and we both saw the rear wheel hop about 2" of the ground. I run supermotard trim with the front lowered about 3/4" in the t tree. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

10.5:1 101mm

Web Cam (all around)

Big Gun

Rear wheel out of balance and shock is shot.

rear wheel is balanced and bike has hardly any off road use.

Check to see the tire is mounted properly, tire bead seated properly.

Is the tire new? If so is is out of round (doubtful).

I'd say the most likely culpret is your rear suspension, is your rear spring set correctly for your your sag set correctly. If you're not "bouncing" at higher speeds I'd say this is the most likely problem. You've got to set the shock correctly as well. Sounds like everything is set too light......the tire compresses when you hit the accelerator, rebounds and because the suspension is too light the tire clears the ground. I've never heard of this but it's a shot at your problem.

Let us all know how you solve it, thanks.

This has nothing to do with wheel balance. I got a good laugh reading the first reply.

Your shock has lost compression damping for some reason. Readjust it or get it rebuilt.

Don't forget when you lower the front, rise the forks in the triple clamp, you set the whole bike out of wack. You have to start from the begining with sag and go from there. This bike is set for the top of the forks to be 5-7mm from the triple clamp. When you change this as you did you put more weight on the front and the suspension is out of wack from the start. Hope this helps. Iggy

Please keep us informed of the solution. I'd like to have a laugh too. Anyway, your bike can hop if the wheel/tire are out of balance, tire and/or wheel not true and if the shock is shot. Does it do it on the pavement? Does it quit if you go faster?

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