Need immediate expertise for bike that won't start

Rode bike on Wed. night-it ran great but I noticed a trace of white smoke coming out of exhaust. Got home today and wouldn't turn over. Acted flooded with gas coming out of carb. hose. Followed usual routine with compression release to clean out carb but no go. Checked and replaced fouled plug but with same results. It fires (and sometimes backfires) but will not continue to run. Any quick suggestions? Riding early tomorrow morning!

Float could be stuck if you have excessive fuel coming out of bowl vent hose. Try this, turn the gas off. Drain the float bowl by turning out the allen screw on the bottom off the bowl. When it has drained tap the float bowl with a screwdriver or wrench a couple of times. Was the old plug wet with fuel? If it was take the new plug back out.

Leave the fuel off. Put the bike in fifth gear, pull the comp release and hold it. Push the bike 15-20ft to clear the cylinder. Put the plug back in. Turn the fuel back on pull the hot start button(red knob) out. Dont touch the throttle! try to start it again. Worked for me once when I forgot to turn my gas of while bike was on a trailer down 15mi of washboard. Bike was, needless to say flooded upon arrival!

Hope this helps, Woody

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