valve adj. for 06 450

So anyone have valve trouble yet? :thumbsup:

I have owned a

02 426

03 450

04 450

05 450

06 450

I checked the valves at reccomended intervals and never needed to adjust any of them so I'm not checking them anymore they obviously don't need it!

Someone said that Yamaha's come with high quality valve seats which dissapate heat better than their Japanese brothers do factor in the additional valve area and you have a winning combo.

Check mine every 20 hours, I have checked them 2 times, almost 3 now, but never had to make an adjustment.

The search function is flawless. TOPT

I checked my valve specs last week. I bought the bike used with 20 hours on it. It started very easy, but I wanted to be sure the valve clearance was OK and establish a baseline for future measurements. The intakes were all .10mm (.004 inches) [spec range = .10mm to .15mm] and the exhausts were both .20mm (.008 inches) [spec range = 0.20mm to 0.25mm], which were near the tight end of the ranges, but since the shims available to us only come in .05mm increments and the bike starts easy I think I am OK.

In the four years I have owned a bike I have performed all my maintenace but was always afraid to open up the motor - valve check, etc. After breaking down and doing this first valve check myself, I am embarrased at how easy it was. If you follow the instructions on Thumperfaq, you can't screw anything up and it greatly increased my understanding of how evrything works in the motor. The next valve check should take me no more than 10 minutes once I have access to the top of the motor. I plan to check the specs every winter before putting her to bed just for piece of mind.

Just checked my bike after a BIG days riding and in preperation for another outing.

To my suprise the middle Intake valve is super tight. Feeler gauges only go to 2 thousands of an inch and that didnt fit.........

All the other valves are within spec (tighter side), so I am going to shim them all to the looser side of spec.

The 06 has been bulletproof thus far, has done 120 - 130 hrs. It was running a charm (as usual) on the last ride but decided it was time for a valve clearance check anyway.

Probably lucky that i caught it before another weekend of abuse and perhaps a burnt out valve.



I've put about 20 hours on my '06 450 and with my recent 19yr old college financial situation I can barly afford to keep gas in it. After break in "you're supposed to have the vavles checked and/or adjusted." This is the only piece of reccomended maintanance that I cannot do in my garage. I checked with all the local dealers, cheapest I can find for a vavle adjustment is around $240 bucks. I am a month from having that kind of extra money. I really do not want to take a month off riding, that would hurt. After reading this post, I am more confident in stringing out my vavle i'm wandering should I even do it? I've never owned a racing 4-stroke before, and just spent over 6 grand for this bike, so I don't want to risk its health in any way.

What do you guys suggest?

I have the same bike and racing season started last weekend at muddycreek raceway in blountville tn. march 4th and Iam running the mega series which has 18 rounds in it and I have not checked my valves yet and it has 15.6 hours on it and Iam not going to or at least consider it until I have at least 50 hours on it and when I do Ill go ahead and check the top end to see if I need a piston and rings.

I still haven't checked the valves in my 06 yet :applause: I'm kinda starting to feel guilty about in now.

Surely someone has had valve troubles? Yamaha's aren't perfect are they?

I bought a brand new 07 YZ450 a couple months ago and have put 8 hours on it and decided to check the valves yesterday. After reading all the posts in this forum about how hardly anyone has had to adjust them, I was very surprised to find that my exhaust valves were out of spec to the tight side, they measured .17mm to be exact. I reshimmed to within spec and will check the clearance again in another 8 or 10 hours. Hopefully they will still be in spec. Not sure why I am one of the few that has had to adjust the valve clearance. I changed the oil and filter right after break-in and then again after 3 hours. This is the first yamaha i've owned in about 5 years. I've had 4 different CRF450s and have never had to adjust the valves on any of them(except for 1 tight exhaust valve after the break-in on an 06) . Other than the valves I really love the YZ. Power is great and handling is so much better than the crf IMO. I can throw it around so much easier and it doesn't tire me out as fast as the crf did. As long as I don't experience any valve issues I will be very happy with the switch I made. :applause:

Valves on '06 were checked last week at about 110 hours (not the first time checking) and two intake and one exhaust were out of spec by about .001. No problems though. Bike was still starting beautifully.

Surely someone has had valve troubles? Yamaha's aren't perfect are they?
Maybe not, but I've had more problems with my sundial than my YZ450's.

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