I am new to the forum postings but have lerked around for a while now. Done some research for what I want for my new dirt bike. I currently own a 83 xt 550. I have mastered the old thumper but want a lighter more nimble trail bike. I use it mostly to ride in the mountains of montana and cruise around the north and south 40. I would like a 04,05 wr 450 any tips on what I should be looking for in a used bike of that era? I would like to find a used hold over 04 or 05 but would be willing for used if I can find a clean one and know what to look for. Thanks for the info.

jon :thumbsup:

edit... I guess I shouldn't say that I have mastered the old thumper but I have rode it to its limits. what can i expect from a new 450?

i have a 04 wr450 and if the oil has been changed often and the valves checked once or twice you probably can't go wrong with used. find one thats not beat on too bad and ask questions. if you feel like the seller is honest with you and the price is right buy it. these bikes are tough if taken care of. also call around to dealers and ask their bottom line on a new one if you can afford it. you will find a big difference in pricing. i'm in washington and have bought all my new bikes in oregon for the last 5 years.

last year the dealer close to me had left over 04's for 4700 out the door. That right there has ruined me for prices. should have bought one but hadn't made up my mind on a wr. Now that I have made up my mind I will have to check around. On the 03's is the woodruf key the only thing that should be fixed right away?

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