YFZ426 question

I read through the sticky but didn't really see an answer to my question.

All of us WR guys are putting YZ cams in to wake the bike up, but does it work in reverse?

Looking at getting a YZF426 for my son, its a little too much bike right now, but he is a good rider and can easily grow into it. I have a 04 WR450 cam in the garage....will it fit the YZF 426? If so, will it mellow it down and will the auto decompression work?

If not, what part do I need to do this?

If I can't mellow it down for him, what do I need to get auto decompression working?

I'm not sure about the WR cam, but I would just buy a flywheel weight and put some nice restrictive exhaust on there. It'll take all the hit off the bottom that you can gradually open up for him. Just a thought.

Yes, that should work fine. Use the timing procedure for the cam swap exactly as written for the YZ426/YZ450 swap (time the intake cam and count pins between the 12:00 o'clock marks on the two cams). You should end up with the WR450 cam timing and auto decompression. The difference between the WR and YZF is already built into the cam, so don't second guess or alter the instructions, just use the WR cam in place of the YZ unit.

If I had the cam already available, I would try it, if I were in your position. The worst that could happen is that you won't like it, and that's reversible. Let us know when you get it done.

great, thanks guys :thumbsup:

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