rocks riding prob.

No, but a flywheel weight might help.

Flywheel could help, but you should also try a lower gear and keep those revs up

Also, changing sprocket size/gear ratios to better suit youre riding style

I went one tooth smaller on the front and that helped some. Stalled a couple times last weekend because of what you're describing, but not on rocks. It's those times when I'm going way fast on a ridge and I have to do a panic braking to keep from going over a ledge and don't get the clutch in quick enough. I stalled on some rocks this summer and customized my pipe and my radiator. I'm finding that if I keep my speed up on the rocks, I do better. Got a scott's damper/triple clamp/protapers coming next week. Verrrrrryyyy excited. Flywheel weight is next.

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hihi when i ride my yz426 2000 over rocks on low rpm and very slowly the engine turns off.

do u think changing to wr timing will solve the prob.?

Turn up the idle a little bit. A lot of times that will help.



What Ron said. Turn the idle up. I had mine down on the first few rides and was doing this too. Crank it up some, it helps with stalling and gets it off that flat spot out of turns. I'm going to drop to a 13t countershaft sprocket as well.

Good throttle control is key to not allowing the bike to stall. I found it less stall happy with YZ timing. Try to avoid completely shutting the throttle off when trying to roll over an obstruction... just crack it open and keep a little momentum. Takes a little getting used to

I found myself not downshifting properly stalls the big four stroke the most. Riding downhill in third with a switchback at the bottom for example. I seemed to be concentrating to hard on using the back brake to slide the rear around that when I let the clutch out BAM Flameout took me a while to figure out but i haven't been stalling the bike and this makes me HAPPY.

Thumpertalk anonymous, huge

The BK mod, higher idle, having the forks and shock set up perfect, having 1 finger on the clutch, proper body position and keeping it rolling, NOT RIDING OVER MY HEAD and a VERY big dislike for starting the stalled and flooded beast are the things that I use to combat stalling. Gearing 14/51. Good luck!


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

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For weights try aloop or steahly. Good luck.

Don't forget Terry Cable flywheel my 12oz. thru Ty Davis' site and love the torque and lug-ability it gives my WR. :) Still gotta keep a finger on that clutch though.

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