i'm almost ready

i appoligize to all of you, i certain yamaha makes great bikes, i bought a 04 used and abused. so far i replaced the rear wheel bearings, both sprokets, chain, air filter, complete pivot works kit for the forks, fork springs .49, plastics front and back, everything in the clutch except basket it looked good, flywheel weight 5.5oz heavier, brake pads front and back fredo sintered, handle bars, grips, dr.d s.s. full system, probably other stuff as well. anyway i know i should of looked at it a lot more closer than i did before i said i'll buy it, hindsight 20/20 . now every now and then the kickstarter gets stuck and won't move right at the top. can't kick it over, it's locked, not all the time but when it does it's frustrating, then when i'm riding it's like the rear wheel is crooked, it doesn't track straight, like i'm fishtailing but not. i checked axle blocks, measured from the adjusting bolt back it's not that. then after all the work on the suspension somethings loose, you can feel it when you land from a 50' jump or so, it's not in the forks, i thought it qas the sterring head but thats all tight no movement, front axle and wheel bearings tight also. the only thing i noticed that the 10mm bolt at the top of the subframe is bent real bad. swingarm seems tight. i'm about ready to trade this thing in the dealers only offering $2300.- $2500.on a trade and they don't want another 04 yz450, they allready have some allready there trying to sell.i will say this the bike starts 1st or 2nd kick as long as the kick starter isn,t locked up. my 03 honda would of been through 2 set of valves by now.

Sorry for all the trouble you have had; but if you would have purchased my 04 YZ450 that I currently have for sale--you wouldn't have had those troubles mine is in great shape (if you know of anyone looking send me a PM). And I could have probably delivered it--my parents live in Northern Virginia.

Mostly normal wear and tear, so please don't give the bike away now when it's almost ready.

The kickstarter should be easy and cheap fixable.

Bent subframe? The bike is going straight but you are sitting awkward?

Check/grease/replace the linkage and swingarm bearings.


thanks sure blue i am very tempted just to unload the bike. i am sitting straight elbows up and knees tight against shrouds, even if standing it does this, looking from back to front, it looks straight. the center of the rear fender is just about center of the rear tire mabe a 1/4" difference at most. the only things so far that i haven't replaced are the swing arm bearings and linkage bearings front wheel bearing and steering head bearing. i'm almost certain the front and the steerig head are ok. i had this bike up in the air and by hand i can't feel any play whatsoever in it. a dealer 60 miles away offered me $ 3000.00 for it. right now i have about $3400.00 in it. the dealer is not comming down off retail on the new one though. it's a shame because this bike useally starts first or second kick.

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