Huge Problem on my 06 Please Help

Guys I put my new WB pipe on my 06 Bling Bling and this is what happened....can someone please help me sort this out....jetting, wrong gas, bad pinging...I hope Yamaha will warranty.....GreyRacer any advise??????

Here is the pic

Your a funny guy.

Man, that dude must work out.

thats friggin hilarious

GreyRacer any advise??????

Don't light a match.

I wonder what his gas milage is? :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

At least it sounds like it's in tune! :thumbsup:

When the powerband kicks in on that thing, you better be holding on w/ both hands! :thumbsup:

I think you and the fellow that installed your exhaust are spending too much time alone, together............

Brilliant! As long as you manage to get the holeshot, no one will have the stomach to get close enough to pass.

You can almost smell that..... :thumbsup:

It's guys like you riding around with uncorked exhaust's that give us all a bad name. Damn dude...

Just a guess but id say you otta put a new spark plug in and mess around with the jetting :thumbsup:

Next time please ask permission before posting my pic on the internet. Thanks. :thumbsup:

Maybe he got some bad gas? :thumbsup:

maybe that guy is trying to cut fuel cost first goes the 2 strokes then the good gas.

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