src forkbrace

i wanted to get one of these but wasn't sure if the forkbrace would still allow me to use my plastics boots that protect the fork legs. i definatley don't want them exposed. any advice on this or maybe a different option that i am not aware of. also where is a good place to buy it

Not sure what plastic guards you are using?? You can buy SRC stuff from the TT store. Give them a call, TT is cheaper than buying straight from SRC. :thumbsup:

Is it even SRC anymore? I got a package from them the other day and it said, Ryan Young Products, or something to that effect.

Adam-Get the forkbrace and get the mudskin/forkguard setup they have. Those acordian style fork protectors restrict a lot of wind from getting to your radiators. The SRC guards look trick and work well.

I ordered from SRC about 6 months ago and the package said Ryan Young products; must be some business collaboration or something.

On my 650L I got an RWS(?) fork brace and took a razor blade to the boots; that's right, I'm going naked on the forks since I'm getting closer to Supermotoing this thing.

i will be damned if i can't find the forbrace inthe tt store. i have tried every different way of search for it and came up with nothing.

I run the SRC (or whatever it is now) fork brace on my 650L. They also sold plastic guards to protect the fork legs, which mated perfectly with the fork brace. Instead of the rubber boots over the fork legs, I run their neoprene "seal savers". The whole combo has worked out very well....the protection is good, and the fork brace definitely stiffens up the flexy XRL forks.

alright my main question is can i use the src forkbrace with my stock plastic fork boots or do i have to eliminate them in order to use them.

You can use them, but you have to cut them at the bottom to fit above the fork brace - it looks pretty sloppy. SRC also advised against it...I don't remember the exact details (I installed mine about 5 years ago), but it had something to do with the rubber boots 'squishing' when you fully compress the forks and creating problems somewhere along the line.

This is what I use on mine. PIC2258_1.jpg

They cost less and are made much better. I payed only $125 for mine but, they have gone up in price. You can use the stock boots but, I use a after maket rubber boot that come already shorter and don't get distorted like the stock ones do.


perBrace Part#: 2257

Fits Model: Honda XR 650R

Years: (2000-2005)

Price: $157.95

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SuperBrace is the leading motorcycle fork stabilizer. This patented brace provides better stability, superior aerodynamics and a more streamlined look than other multi-piece braces on the market.

Reduces low and high speed wobbles.

Improves stability in tight cornering.

Improves tire life and reduces cupping.

Decreases sensitivity to rough road surfaces and rain grooves.

Each SuperBrace is designed and manufactured for each specific motorcycle.

Every SuperBrace is made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and machined to a tolerance of + or - .002 of an inch, with a polished finish.

Ten minute easy installation.

Competition proven by world class racers.

We stand behind our product with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Shipping and Handling will be auto calculated and shipped in the US via UPS. Call for international rates.



the superbrace is pretty cool but it is the same price as the src brace with the fork guard kit. so if i am going to spend that much money i would rather get the src kit. damn i thought this was going to be a quick little 60 dollar buy, i guess not. it's is turning into a 160 buy

More times than not this sport cost more than expected...

i will be damned if i can't find the forbrace inthe tt store. i have tried every different way of search for it and came up with nothing.

Lat time I checked it wasn't in the catalog, you'll have to give the TT boys a call to order it from them.

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