Stuck in Gear

My 2005 WR450 occasionally gets stuck in gear - even when the clutch is fully engaged it is stuck in gear - i.e. it won't glide/release - anyone run into this? As I went to move the bike today - I pressed in the clutch and the back tire draggs while in gear - I can get it into neutral. The clutch appears to not be the problem. I thought I remembered seeing a note stating that there is a trigger on the kickstand that can cause this issue (doesn't make a lot of sense).

Usually if I keep riding the problem goes away. Thanks for the help.

Sounds like to me your clutch is not fully disengaging. If you are not able to roll the bike forward in gear with the clutch in is a good indicator. Check your cable slack, if not then it is something internal on the clutch.

Make sure the cable is adjust correctly but clutch drag as you described can usually be attributed to the metal plates being a little warped. Once you get every thing covered in oil it goes away right.

Just ride it. Who pushes their bike around in gear anyways.

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