Who has got the JDjetting kit in 06 450?

just wondering who has installed this & has it helped out in power and smooth running.

im still having backfiring & popping @ 5k ft. i tried the 48/170 hoping it would cover sea level to 5k. i went back to stock 42/165 and still pops. It's not that bad, but kinda annoying. I have a stealth fuel screw, tried 1.25-2.5 turns, not much help. i bought the JD jet kit and will be putting in the blue needle as suggested, with stock 42/165 for 5k'.

im also getting a pipe, prolly DMC Afterburner Comp. will there be any other jetting that needs to be done after i get this?


my JD kit works great i am at sea level just call them the girl on the phone really helped me i wanted it right the first time she told me which needle to use and what clip position worked perfect


anyone else?

thanks guys :thumbsup:

Don't have their jet kit however my back fire/popping went away with this jetting. El. 2,400ft. (mojave desert). 48 pilot, needle one clip richer(5th). Didn't have a 168 main. Ran stock 165. Never touched the fuel screw yet.

Bike came alive. Hits much harder.

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