lighten flywheel for WR400?

hi is there a place where i can buy one to turn my wr400 to more yz like?

or anyone have one used to let go?

I have a flywheel off of a 99 YZ400, make me an offer if you are interested.


hmmm... really interested but can i still make it dual sport with a yz flywheel? cos my bike is still street legal.

hmmm sounds interesting but not sure whether how the thing works and do i need a battery? how much you wanna sell the flywheel?

I could let it go for about $45 shipped. I think they run around 120 new. Let me know.


I'd installed mine,justed the fly wheel bike won't start.,you will need stator and cdi box.

Also,I'd adjusted cam timing to yz and rejeted carb.,but it did not make a significant change. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

yeah i have a 2002 flywheel and stator (working) and willl trade you straight up for your flywheel and stator. note: you wont be able to have lights on it anymore

you mean you want my wr400 stator and flywheel? if its true pls pm me!!

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