Spanking new 426!!!

WHOHOOOO!!! Im picking up a spanking new 426 from the dealer on monday! I plan on performing most of the mods mentioned (BK, octopus, remote hot-start, suspension valving/adjust) but I am curious as to who makes 3rd party carbs for the WR. I bought a Qwiksilver pumper for my 250, and WOW, that thing RULES. So I am curious as to whether they make them for WRs.

Anyway, im pumped as all hell, since I know how fast this thing is after riding my friends (and how slow my XR250 is in comparison!).


no need to replace the carb

eater of dirt,

I just bought my 426 a week and half ago. I can tell you that this is by far the fastest bike I have ever ridden. I sit here and think about all of the upgrades that are available and I can't imagine why I would want to make this bike any faster! The only mods that I have done on this bike are the throttle and grey wire. I was very impressed by the noticable difference of the low and mid-range after cutting this wire!

Anyway, congrats on the new bike!

- Littlemeh

very cool, congrats on the new bike you will like it.



yz timed now

some mods

I can't wait anymore, my '02 is suppose to get here in two weeks from Toronto. grin.gif

Does anyone know if the Canandian models need the grey wire fix ?

IS the gray wire a fix for the 01 426

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