Xr650l rack and lowering link

Hey everyone,

This is a awesome website, I uncorked my XR and the info on this site was bang on and worked exactly as planned.

Does anyone recommend a rear rack, happy trails and pro-billet has some is there any others in Canada?

I also bought a lowering link has anyone got any good or bad feedback on them?


I want to get a rack for my bike but dont really like the billet ones, I put a devol lower link on my 04 650L and it droped the seat a little, good thing. :thumbsup:

Koubalink and XRsonly billet rack. both shipped fast, in good shape, and work great. XRsonly rack was cheapest billet type I could find. much better than the happy trails I think for the money.

Thanks for the info I'll check it out, did anyone notice better handling from the lowering link.

How much did you have to lower the front forks?


I lowered my forks about 1 1/2 inches

I have the same link, but didnt lower the forks since the TeraFlex already raised the rear about 1.5in over stock when mounting. The link doesnt change the handling on mine, just the ability to lower a leg on a rocky mess of a steep ass uphill when needed :applause:

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