LED Tail/Brake Light Install

Satisfied customer here as well, thanks Forest!

Thanks to everyone that has taken interest in the Moto LED Tail Light Inner Kit !!

The D45-19-011 does fit the XR650,and the Super XR 250/Baja-02 TT-R250,DT230,KDX220SR, and the KLX250.

I will have a pic of the license plate light soon, have them,just no pic yet.


Got a pic yet?

I have the BD quick release kit with 2 tailights. Anyone put these in place of the stock bulbs in both locations?

Very nice, I want to install one of these, triggered from the front and rear brake. I need two of the banjo type m10-1.25 switches, is that correct?

Ahh, good to know, thanks! Ordered the bolt style. And The shipping calculator is still broken...

Does this place have replacements for the turn signal bulbs? There is another thread with a link to some, but it would be nice to order it all from one place and not pay double shipping.


So what drc products part number do i need to order for my xr650r 2004

Thanks Gary

Ordered mine and can't wait. Hope my stock stator has enough juice to use this. :)

Ordered mine from Forest on Monday and recieced it thursday, works great with the stock stator, fits good and was a piece of cake to install and Forest was pretty cool on the phone. Props..

Is this a "just enough to be legal" mod? "Really" useful for street use? Is it as bright as the BD tailight (normal one, not LED) Would love to lose the bulky BD unit, but have no desire to be rear ended.

I have the BD LED tailight, and Forest's LED seems brighter to me than the BD taillight. I have them both hooked up to work as running and stop light. Works a charm!

BTW, called on Wednesday afternoon, was in my hands by Friday!!!!!

Thanks Forrest!

So I got my LED lights and of course I'm having problems. This is not because of the product. It is because I'm electrically inept. I installed everything last night and there was enough charge in the battery to run the tailight and for the brake light to work when I tapped the rear brake(this is w/o the bike running).

Stoked! Everything works and I'm ready to roll.

So I hop on this morning, for my commute to work, and as soon as I fire it up I lose all of my lights. No blinkers, headlight, or tailight.:)

So now I'm confused. I have the BD DS set-up so let's see if someone can help.

So I have two wires coming from the rear brake (red & Blue). I would assume that the red wire from the LED light would go in the red plug. Then the black wire would go into the black plug (the same one my regular bulb w/ the black wire came out of). Now I have the yellow one left over(LED) and I'm assumng that would go into the blue plug (brake wire).

But I get nothing and this is with the bike running. So I pull out the red and yellow and reverse them. Nothing. :ride:

I'm confused. Here's some pictures to see if you guys can help.

Here is the black wire. The two wires at the joint go to the rear blinkers. The other joint splits to go to the black box and I assume the black led wire goes in the open side.


Here is the two wires coming off the rear brake. I would assume the red wire from the led would go in the red wire from the brake.:bonk:


Here is the LEd wires..


Like I said I am electrically inept. Help!

I can't help you on your wiring as I'm just installing mine as we speak but for others for the XR650R spec you want the LED kit that ends with 11, the other kit that ends with 10 won't fit the XR taillight but like all things could easily be modded to fit. It could also work on other bikes pretty easily as I know that's been asked before. On here.

I recently bought an LED tail/brake light along with a hydraulic pressure switch from http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/index.shtml

The setup is clean and everything fits inside the existing lens.

I purchased Part Number D45-DTL-9110. It bolts right in where the existing rubber fingers hang down off the stock bulb setup.

Wiring was simple.

Black on the LED to Green on the XR650R

Yellow on the LED to Brown on the XR650R

Red on the LED to the Hydraulic Brake switch

Other lead from the Hydraulic Brake Switch to Brown on the XR650R

Just installed the LED Tail/Brake light (part number is D45-DTL-9110 for XR650R)from wheelingcyclesupply.com. Forrest is the man!! The wiring instructions quoted above from vmaxcbr900wr426 made a job that could have turned into a major catastrophe for someone who does not savvy wiring, to a fairly simple task. The only thing I could add is in regards to the K & S Hydraulic Brake Light Switch. Both of the leads from the Brake switch are black, and I found that it doesn't matter which lead you connect to the brown wire on the bike, and the red wire on the LED. Also, you have to connect both the yellow wire from the LED and the second black lead from the brake switch to the brown wire from the bike. I was able to combine the yellow and black wires into the same connection that was supplied with the LED. I did have to trim off both of the connectors from the brake switch and replace with a smaller size, also supplied with the LED.

At this point, I am very happy with and would highly recommend this mod.

Hi guys,

I have emailed the US supplier of the lights twice now and not a single reply :thumbsup:.

I was after the rear LED light Part # D45-19-011

Cannot find 1 of these over here in the UK, can anyone help me get 1 from somewhere ?

I am all set-up for road use now 2 new pressure switches fitted just need a decent rear brake/tail light

i did this mod 6 months ago and its still running strong.

my first one came with a led broken off, forest didn't hesitate to send a new one. thanks Forest now its time for some zeta bark busters.

i did this mod 6 months ago and its still running strong.

my first one came with a led broken off, forest didn't hesitate to send a new one. thanks Forest now its time for some zeta bark busters.

Well this Forest must exist but seems to ignore emails from little old me ?.

How can I order something from the US if the guy won't reply, would rather stop with the proper DRC item D45-19-011

I would love for this to work with my WPS tail light for my 650L, I need to take it apart and see what I can do!!

I would love for this to work with my WPS tail light for my 650L, I need to take it apart and see what I can do!!

I hope you have better luck with Forest than I do, emailed him weeks ago and still not even a single reply.

Poor show all round :thumbsup:

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