WR426 Exaust?

Anyone have a WR426 exhaust they are selling? My buddy has a YZ426 and needs a spark arrestor.

I have one. I would like to swap though. Ive been looking for a yzf stock exhaust for a while now and a swap would be perfect. My exhaust even has everything with it that came from the factory. Email me a justinbobb@gmail.com if you are interested

I sent your info to my buddy.

Anyone else have one they want to sell? A WR400 Exhaust will work as well.

Don't have a WR exhaust but I have a YZF exhaust if Noballs is interested. Not really looking to trade but I'm not looking to make a killing on it either. Send me a PM if you're interested.

I have the stock muffler off of my 2003 WR450 that is the same as what is on a stock WR 426. It comes with the spark arrestor and a GYT R insert.

all for one low price of $60.00, shipping included :thumbsup:


I have a line on one as of now. If that falls through, I'll send you a PM.

Thanks for responding. :thumbsup:

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